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20 January
Hello, everyone! My name is Zana Zira. I love fanfic, whether writing or reading, and I've been writing it regularly since about 2008. Most of my early works were terrible Naruto fics, though, and I won't subject you to that. I do not have a website per se, but I am very active on fanfiction.net, DeviantArt, and ArchiveofOurOwn (AO3). Check them out, if you'd like. My username on all 3 sites is the same as it is here.

So, a little about my fics:

My favorite series to write about by far is Supernatural, though I have been known to dabble in other things as the mood strikes me. Until recently, I was primarily a Final Fantasy VII fanfiction writer, and I actually did not know what Supernatural was until August of 2013! I like many genres and love romance, and lately I've found that Hurt/Comfort is a guilty pleasure too.

My Favorite Supernatural Characters Are:
Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel, Bobby, Ellen, Jody Mills

My Favorite Supernatural Pairings Are:
Sam/Jessica (canon), Sam/Gabriel, Dean/Castiel (almost canon), Bobby/Ellen, Bobby/Jody

My Least Favorite Supernatural Pairings Are:
Bobby/Crowley, Dean/Sam, Sam/Cas, Dean/Gabriel, Sam/Lucifer, Dean/Michael, John/Anyone but Mary

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